Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Write a Review - Get Linked

If you have your own blog, We'd love it if you try out the CDizz Player and write about it in your blog.

If your review is informative and fair, we'll add a link to your review on this blog.

Here are a few rules, just to stay on the safe side:

1. You need to write a post that's mostly concerns CDizz (mentioning it in one line at the end of a long post won't get you a link).

2. Your post needs to be fair. We don't mind criticism, but don't be nasty just for the sake of it. Write on your personal experience or thoughts about the software or concept.

3. You need to put a link in your blog to or to this blog (so people will know what you're talking about)

4. If you revise your post, if your blog contains offensive material or even without explaining, we are not obligated to link anywhere. This is on our sole descretion.

5. If there are too many posts / reviews, we'll probably stop adding links (and we'll write to you about it in this blog)

The software is available for free over here. Let us know if you write something.

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