Thursday, December 15, 2005

Music Artists Can Add Multimedia to their CDs for FREE

Let's say you are a member of a small rock band, and you just released a new CD.
You built a web site, but web site content is available for everyone, and you want to motivate people to buy your CD. Why not turn your CD into a multimedia experience by using CDizz?

You probably have recording session photos you might be willing to share with the people who buy your music, or you might want to tell people about what every song is about or what were you doing while the drummer thought about those weird lyrics.

You can add any unofficial* material to your CD with the free CDizz Player. And your fans can add their opinions, art and other creations as well. Wallpapers, photos, Information, Animations, Trivia Pops and a lot more.

*As the copyright owner, you may also want to add some official content that will be automatically downloaded when CDizz users will play your new CD. Official content may include Lyrics, Karaoke, Chords, A link to your website or to an online store that sells your CD. Official content is not free, but it's a well spent marketing expense. (And if you can't afford it yet, you may still use the unofficial options)

And what if you are not really in a band, and you don't know anyone who released a CD?
In that case you can just download the CDizz Player, slide your favorite music CD into the CDROM, and share your creativity with others.

CDizz Player is Freeware, and can be downloaded here. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,