Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Version - 0.9864

We've released two new versions in January 2007, both include many improvements.

Here are the changes made in these versions, we'll elaborate more on some of these changes in separate posts.

2007-1-30 Version 0.98 Build 64
- Implemented button-grouping for inactive Candizz
- CD-Specific Candizz' buttons now automatically float to the top of the button stack
- Better handling of automatics Candizz selection of track changes
- The slideshow timing now displays a thumbnail of each image
- Added an option to enable to disable new version notifications
- Better support for backgrounds with non-default size
- Added an optional slideshow effect - zoom images
- Slideshow smoother movement effect
- Candizz management now remembers the recent Candi selected
- Karaoke colors adjusted to better suit changing backgrounds
- Bugfix: Karaoke Cow animation caused an error when no karaoke was present for CD

2007-1-16 Version 0.98 Build 61
- Added Swedish language interface
- The preference window was split into two separate windows: General & Candizz for ease of use
- Loggin in is now available from within the player
- Clicking the Submit button on the timing tool will now directly upload the timing data
- Quote character can now be used and saved in track and Candizz names
- Improved Karaoke ball behaviour in right-to-left karaoke
- Improved indication for downloadable plugins
- Improved placement of different POPS skins
- Bugfix: Language problems fixed when submitting timings via the timing tool
- Bugfix: Track names and information are now saved locally for all CDs
- Bugfix: Playlist pole no longer disappears when rapidly opening and closing the playlist
- Bugfix: Inspired image handling on tracks without suitable images improved

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