Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Foresee the Past

The need for good marketing is essential if you just released a new product and you want sales fast. But good marketing costs money, and if your profit margins are low, it becomes something to consider.
When record companies release a new album, they are never sure if it's going to be a hit. It might just sell a low amount of units and end its shelf life sooner than expected.
If you invest X dollars in marketing a CD it might increase your sales, but is it worth the expense? It's hard to tell, but most marketing and sales professionals will agree that when the right marketing tools are used, it's definitely worth it.

One unknown factor when considering a marketing plan is the scale of future sales. This, however, is not a problem when you consider a new marketing plan for an existing product that is already being sold for the past months or even years. If you are selling a constant amount of a CD title every month, it might be a good idea to increase your monthly income by increasing the attractiveness of your product.

CDizz can add multimedia to new or existing CD titles. If you once released a successful CD and millions bought it 10 years ago, it still makes sense to get people to go to their home CD collection are remember why they liked that CD so much. There is a good chance that they will now look for other releases by the same band, especially if they get photos, karaoke or chords for the new CD as well.

Give and you shall receive.

CDizz Player is Freeware, and can be downloaded here.
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