Monday, July 03, 2006

New Version of CDizz Player

A preview of CDizz player v0.98 build 25 is now available for download from the CDizz download page.

Here are the changes from the previous version:
CDizz now supports multiple interface languages. Currently available languages are: English, Hebrew.
Most world languages can now be assigned to individual CD or Candizz
Window size is no longer limited to 800x600, but can be freely adjusted to match any screen size
Added an option for the player to "forget" user indentification each time the program is run, for extra privacy.
This limits some functions such as CD Collection, Authoring etc.
Hovering over the "open/close Candizz" button will rotate the buttons. Useful for cases where there are too many buttons to fix the screen.
Added right-to-left language support to relevant Candizz
Improved performance and response time
Full screen mode no longer changes the screen resolution
Added an option to update CD details
Please feel free to download and try the software. We appreciate any comment, bug report, review etc.

CDizz Player can be downloaded for free. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , .