Sunday, November 06, 2005

Those Software Listing Sites

When our latest version was ready, we followed a list of thing we needed to do. Aside from the regular compiling / documenting / updating the release notes etc., there is always the matter of updating the internet*.

* I'm not talking about our own web site, this is obviously a must (adding a news item, updating the download link, notifying the forum). I'm talking about the other places where CDizz is listed.

Up until now, since we did want to have an altername download site other than our own website, we looked at the different mega-software-sites and chose which was a very good choice. It took them less than a couple of days to check CDizz out, add the listing, generate an icon from the screenshot we provided, and then we appeared at their site as "Featured Software" in the Audio / Video section, which was quite a joy for us (We are so easy to please sometimes).

But this time they were actually ULTRA fast, and verified the update in less than 2 hours. Wow. Shortly after that we noticed that CDizz got their editors pick as well, and so we now had a shiny new icon to add to our web site.

We decided to add CDizz to a few other listings. Soon enough we got another icon, this time from softpedia which guarentied that CDizz has no adware, no spyware and no viruses attached to it. This was also (proudly) added to our site.

Since we are fans of tucows (for almost 10 years now), we decided to add an entry to TuCows as well and see how many cows we'll get. We will have to be patient, though, since it takes more than a month for the tucows people to have a good look at a new submitted program. There is a long queue, so I don't really blame them.

I've also submitted an entry to , but it seems that it didn't make the cut. (Assuming that since they are looking for news, they won't wait that long to publish something. Or will they?)


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