Sunday, October 02, 2005

What is CDizz?

Sometimes it can be hard to explain exactly what your software really does. Every time we try, we tend to focus on different issues. Here is the current description of CDizz, in a form of questions and answers:

What is CDizz?

CDizz is based on the idea that audio CDs should bring more to the music experience. The CDizz Player adds dynamic content to Audio-CD titles. CDizz can turn ANY CD into a multimedia experience.

The CDizz Player uses legal, purchased CDs as a key to download CD specific content: Images, Lyrics, Karaoke, Slideshows, Coupons, News, Guitar Chords, Animations, Pops and much more.

CDizz is FREEWARE, and is totally safe to install or remove.

Original Content Sharing

CDizz users can upload new content and rate content to enrich everyone’s experience:
  • Review a CD
  • Tell a story about a song
  • Upload a photo that reminds you a song
  • Draw and share inspired art
  • Write alternative lyrics to songs
  • Learn how to play a guitar by entering chords. Watch the fingering while the song is being played.
  • Create Animation clips related to a song, or just enjoy a flash game.
  • Trivia information popping in little pops windows.
  • Get Artist news and info
With CDizz, music enthusiasts have a new way to communicate.
CDizz includes timing tools for Karaoke, Chords, Pops, Slideshow and SmartIntro.

Other Services

Your CD collection has something new in it, and if you’d like, you can setup a page that lists the CDs in your CD collection.
You can grade any CD, Track or content. Each user has a rank, so heavy users and authors’ votes count for more.

Can CDizz fight piracy?

We believe that the focus in fighting piracy should not focus on threatening music customers, but rather making the legal music product better by giving more to loyal customers.

If illegal files offer the same quality as legal audio, there is no positive incentive for people to do the right thing.

CDizz gives something extra to people who went and bought music CDs.

It also offers artists and labels a unique way to communicate with their customers by providing official content and news, so everybody wins.

We are very concerned about copyright issues. All submissions are reviewed before they are published, and there is a reporting tool if something slipped through.

CDizz Player is Freeware, and can be downloaded here. Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

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