Sunday, October 02, 2005

Moving to a new web server

Since we expect some growth, I though this might be the best time to upgrade our server.

I started to shop around for a dedicated server. There are almost too many options out there, and new terms to learn. It took me almost two days to focus on the server host to go with, and it was godaddy.

I have some domain names of my own for several years now, and I moved between registrars, and currently most domain names are registered via godaddy, so I was a bit reluctant to have my hosting there as well (I believe in getting different services from different sources). But their price was OK, and they seem stable enough, so they were a strong candidate.

I called their customer support / sales phone number. It's always a good idea to do that before you buy a product. I asked some questions which were answered in a reasonable way (Not too technical), and I also got an additional discount since on the price that was listed in the site, so that was a good thing to have as well.

Tomorrow the new server will be ready, and I'll start transferring the files and check that all the scripts work properly.

Installation day, I call it.


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