Wednesday, July 04, 2007

CDizz demonstrated at MuseNet

Last week, CDizz was demonstrated at MuseNet, a music/technology camp held in Shfayim, Israel, on June 29th 2007.

For this un-convention, one of the features in CDizz was demonstrated - live chord animation while a song is being played by CDizz. Participants were asked to select a song and tried to follow the song with Guitars. Other instruments were also used.

The result was fun. Yoni Rechter, a famous Israeli Composer played the guitar along with Oded Sharon on the Accordion.

Later on, Yehuda Kaysar, a master guitar player tried CDizz too, and so did other participants. "In 10 seconds I actually learned to play a song" said one participant.

Here are some images from MuseNet:

More images from MuseNet are available here.
CDizz Player is a free extraordinary multimedia CD player [download here].

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